Naruto Mobile

Naruto Mobile

Naruto Mobile is an Anime authorized mobile fighter game.




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Naruto Mobile is an Anime authorized mobile fighter game developed by Tencent Game. You will be able to play as Naruto, Kozakura and Sasuke to experience their growth.
According to the official, the game won’t have any new character, and all characters are from the original Naruto Anime. At first, you can only use Naruto to challenge story stages to unlock the follow-up story. You will re-experience the story of Naruto from Ninja School to fighting with Grade 7.
The operating system uses our familiar virtual joystick with buttons. Each character has 2 different skills and 1 unique skill, such as Naruto’s Rasengan and Sasuke’s Chidori. You can click corresponding buttons to release them. Each skill has its cooldown.
Besides, the game also offers Legendary Ninja Collection feature. You can collect historical Hokage, Jiraiya, Tsunade and so on.


อัปเดตแล้ว 2017-05-03

ขนาด 576.16 MB


ความเข้ากันได้ 2.3 - 2.3.2

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