Tian Xia

Tian Xia

The new Tian Xia gives players the freedom of air


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The new Tian Xia gives players the freedom of air; visit the top of a mountain or the deepest part of the sea. It’s a massive and seamless world that requires an efficient kind of travel. Qingkung is a special skill of Chinese Kung fu that allows players to both soar into the sky and walk on the water.

Most of the game modes in Tian Xia require 3 to 5-player teams to win (i.e. PVP: 3 vs. 3 Battle Ground or PVE), and each character has its own unique ability. In different game modes under certain sects, characters have their own unique jobs.


Updated: 2017-12-18

Size: 100.47 MB

Version: 1.0.9

Compatibility: 4.2.x

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