The door of the Apocalypse

The door of the Apocalypse

The door of the Apocalypse is a3D mobile game.


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The door of the Apocalypse is a3D mobile game developed by Crater Lake and developed by CMGE.
The game is a copyrighted work, transforms the plot from a set of novels of the same name, builds a fictitious worldview and preserves the original elements of the story, creating a focal point with the foundation.

Beautiful 3D graphics, colorful cartoon style visual style combines a mechanism of action gameplay, action action, monster hunting characteristics.
The game is based on novels, story-based games are very closely based on the original, and let players enjoy, interact with the system of characters in the form of third parties.
The design of the characters in the game must say is very beautiful, even the NPC is carefully guarded, creating good sympathy for the experience.
These strengths promise to please the fan community of the novel, as well as attract newcomers through interesting story interpretation.


Updated: 2017-05-09

Size: 172.28 MB


Compatibility: 3.0

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