👋💡 Shake Flashlight App!

👋💡 Shake Flashlight App!

Searching for the best flashlight app whose behavior YOU can control and customise?


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How to install apps on your Android phone or tablet?

Make sure you have already installed MoboPlay for PC on your WINDOWS computer.


Download Clash of Clans APK.

Download APK

Connect your phone or tablet to the computer using a USB cable.

Double click the Clash of Clans APK file and MoboPlay will install the app on your Android device automatically.


Searching for the best flashlight app whose behavior YOU can control and customise?
Our app 💡 is super easy to use and gives you lots of optional extras (all free):

- Option to enable shake to activate flashlight
- Option to run in background - this will let you shake to activate the flashlight or screen light anytime. On your lockscreen and even with your screen off. No need for a hardware button torch shortcut! Works on the majority of Android devices with an accelerometer and is designed to be battery friendly! (To optimise background experience within app settings you can select enable 'Allow modify system settings' and ensure the app is whitelisted by any battery saver/app killers)
- You can also customise the shake strength (for example '70' would require a firm shake to prevent accidental shakes but is still easy to shake with one hand). You could choose a low shake setting & turn your phone's screen into a useful shake nightlight.
- You can also choose to use this as a simple lightweight torch app, place it as a shortcut on your homescreen and you'll get the fastest light on/off times at a tap!
- No spyware, popups or in-app purchases, no root and APK is only ~1.5mb
- Option to use screen light instead of camera LED for flashlight (you don't need a camera flash light)
- You'll get the brightest light possible
- Optional vibration feedback
- Compatible with most devices, supports save app to SD card and new aspect ratio devices (Galaxy S8/LG G6)

To use the LED flashlight the camera permission is required (as the LED is part of the camera module).
To use the shake for torch feature whilst the screen is off, check you have activated 'Shake for torch' and 'Run in background', adjust the shake strength (40 will work easily, 70 with a little more effort).

Our aim is to make the best flashlight app on the market,, so if you have any suggestions or experience any problems please email nutlondon@gmail.com directly.


Updated: 2017-05-17

Size: 1.56 MB

Version: 1.0.2

Compatibility: 4.1.x

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