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Phone Theme Shop Season 2!


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Phone Theme Shop Season 2! Came back with more robust content.
★ ★ core functions! ★ ★
1. Provides Full HD wallpapers every day!
2. KakaoTalk / Tictoc / MyPeople themes, such as providing messenger theme!
3. GoLauncher / keypad, and provide decorating materials.
4. Indicator decorating / providing a variety of themes!
5. Offer Ringtons and Alarm
★ Details Glance1. Full HD Wallpaper
- That is updated every day offers a new wallpapers
- Preview Full Image for one click2. Live Wallpaper
- Provides Live Wallpaper3. Live wallpaper made by me
- You can create your own Live wallpaper4. theme packages
- You can decorate your phone by your favorite characters.5 Various SMS, GoLauncher series theme
- KakaoTalk, KakaoStory, MyPeople, TicToc, etc.
 Cute themes are unlimited
- Launcher, lock screen, SMS, provided Themes
- Provides icon pack!6. SNS theme
- Twitter, Facebook, you can decorate Me2Day
  Theme, content providers7 Indicator / widgets / font decorating feature
- Battery: Battery usage can tell
- Task Killer: do not use that function to terminate the application of
- Day Wick Bar: date, day of the week can tell
- App Protector: Security / Power management + screen auto-rotation protection
- Power-saving: battery power-saving features
- Font: a unique and lovely fonts provide unlimitedEight. Application decorating feature
- Smart keypad: Nice keyboard skins decorating
- Wizards Notes: Notes can do on my own apps to coordinate
- One-touch Flash: Flash with just one touch you can turn on and off the decorating applications
- Dodol phone usage: my cell phone to inform data-intensive applications decorating
- Music Flip: Music playback application that can be turned on and off decorating
- Volume Control: Volume can be controlled in the application decoratingNine. Profile decorating
- Yeah, happy because ordinary katok profile picture changes a decorating feature sikyeoju10 SNS-ITalk features the latest
- 10, 20, 30 age-share consensus dialogue
- Daily, humor, concern, sharing information gathered by interested ponkkumigi11 Messenger Emoticons
- Shop where the ten thousand and two do not even held Vigo emoticons free of charge12 The latest popular music services
- Popular buzzwords, Comic, providing sound for a huge variety of accents, etc.
- In the style of your own ability to record and edit
- The latest / popular / genre provides ringtones & Coloring
This feature has been updated to become stronger!Now to become your regular Theme shop
Swear that hard work. ☞ ☜
※ great gift for you getting ready for one more sludge,
Matthew is growing day by day Ponte Please watch for shop.
Bugs and improvements √ Contact:
√ Developed by Ltd IConnect


Updated: 2017-03-16

Size: 7.28 MB

Version: 6.9

Compatibility: 2.1

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