Ear Spy, Hearing Amplifier, equalizer effect

Ear Spy, Hearing Amplifier, equalizer effect


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This is app can record best out of quality. Record yourself also with the quality of channels, sampling rate and you can play it using built-in Equalizer Audio Player with sound effect.

“Ear Assist, hearing Amplifier” features:
Frequency ( Quality ):

Low: 8KHz (phone), 11KHz (phone), 16KHz (phone)
Medium: 22KHz (FM radio), 32KHz (CD)
High:44.1KHz (CD)
Audio Channels:

Two audio channels (STEREO and MONO).
Audio Format:

Most of the popular audio formats supported.
Formats are : mp4, mp3, wav, amr, 3gp


Different interface for record screen, record list screen, equalizer player screen and sound effect.
UI sample interface

Audio rename, deleting
Playing with equalizer effect and more six sound effect ( classic, room, stadium, small room, indoor, normal )
Volume Unit Meter:

Analog and digital Volume Unit Meter display dynamically
Record length:

Unlimited recording time
Equalizer Player:

Built-in Equalizer Audio player included
It has five bands sound mixed effects.
It has six sound effects(classic, room, stadium, small room, indoor, normal ).

Background sound effect:

Four background sound effect. Raining background sound effect
Barking dogs background sound effect
Drumming background sound effect
Guitar playing background sound effect

Easy record list with search query
Easy to control with interfaces
Share option included
Rate option included
Highest quality recordings supported
No limit to audio recording length
Playlist of your recorded audios with search box.


Updated: 2017-06-27

Size: 6.59 MB

Version: 2.3.3

Compatibility: 2.3 - 2.3.2

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