Chinese Paladin Online

Chinese Paladin Online

Ever classical MMORPG which really belongs to global Chinese.


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Name: 仙剑奇侠传Online
Introjecting Chinese culture, character features and broken-hearted story, Chinese Paladin Online becomes ever classical MMORPG which really belongs to global Chinese.
Chinese Paladin Online is set in a chaotic world. Several thousand years ago, Divine, Immortal, Mortal, Monster, Death and Demon lived together on a continent. They kept fighting against each other and the gods were reluctant to see the Mortal destroyed. To stop them from fighting, the gods opened a realm for each of them. The world stayed in peace until one day everything changed....
During the long-time fight and confrontation, the Mortal has learned how to use Xianshu and magic from other races. Through combining them with their own skills, the Mortal became so powerful. They became ambitious and desired to rule the world. As a result, numerous martial arts factions, big or small, emerged one after another, like Shu Shan Pai, Gai Ban, Da Mo Si, Xue Shan Pai, Wu Yue Shen Jiao, Gui Ying Men and Mo Jiao, etc.
Profound Chinese cultural deposits:
A colorful world featuring Chinese martial arts and culture.
An aesthetic visual feast
Continues the art style of The Legend of Sword and Fairy, presenting a dreamlike while realistic aesthetic world. Gorgeous music
The music was produced by the original music production team. It fits the game well and creates a familiar
The Legend of Sword and Fairy atmosphere.
Unique instances
Explore the mysteries, eliminate the evil roots, find epic weapons...every instance is unique and special.
Diversified gameplay
Gathering, crafting, pets, guild, party, PK, etc. are all available in Chinese Paladin Onine.
Innovative concepts
It not only offers traditional MMORPG elements, but also innovative content.


Updated: 2017-04-10

Size: 601.85 MB

Version: 1.0.420

Compatibility: 3.0

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