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Apocalypse Alliance


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Open Beta on October 19th 2017 for open beta
Name: Apocalypse Alliance / 天启联盟

Apocalypse Alliance is NetEase's first mobile team-play shooting game features a 2.5D overhead perspective and real-time multiplayer shooting action. Delivers a fluid shooting experience with fast-paced, real-time multiplayer battle in a futuristic demon-hunter setting where heroes come together to save the world from the blink of destruction.

What's unique about Apocalypse Alliance is each character can bring an AI-controlled drone into the adventure. The drone is like a battle companion and there are different types of them such as healer, tank, and DPS.

The combat experience isn't too different to other games of the genre, and you have to keep moving and shooting the enemies swarm around you. Besides, the game is a team-based shooter and you will need to work with other players to complete the dungeons. In addition to gear, there are also vanity costumes players can purchase and unlock in the game.

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